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Posted by Hayley Reeves on Jan 31, 2019 3:47:18 PM
Hayley Reeves
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Go ahead… recruit smarter, faster and more cost-effectively than ever before, with NexGen, the ATS that rewrites the rules for resourcing professionals.

Six years in development, the launch of NexGen gives both the recruiter and the candidate an unequalled level of usability and some uniquely powerful features.

It's everything you want in a resourcing tool and more. It provides a deeper insight into candidate suitability, built in dynamic assessments, powerful talent management and all with beautiful, revolutionary, interactive design and UX. We've just given you every reason to upgrade your ATS, for good.

Powerful, practical, versatile. The Next Generation in recruitment and talent pipelining.

From a widgets based dashboard, through to the smartest navigation you've ever seen in a candidate management solution, we've crammed a huge amount of technology and functionality into one of the easiest to use interfaces you'll ever experience. NexGen is a joy to use. Fast, smart, highly supportive, it dovetails into every resourcing department and compliments your employer brand like no other.

Hosted on one of the World's most reliable cloud platforms - Azure; it performs billions of calculations a second to help you assess, discover and appoint the best.

Beautiful, powerful, a joy to use.

NexGen is as much a revolution for the candidate as it is for the HR user. The most easy to use, engaging and professional interface of any ATS. Content rich, with valuable job and business information, engaging tests and a candidate only area, we’ve upped the game to new heights, in candidate engagement, information and response.

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We didn't stop with the most impressive resourcing tool in the World. We also created the most incredible talent management software. Register in seconds, apply in under a minute. With NexGen you can register simply by throwing your CV into our innovative parsing tile. Drag... Drop... Registered! You now have access to a blossoming talent database that exceeds everything you expect from a talent pipelining tool.

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NexGen - An amazing experience for candidates, line management and recruiters.

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