Make Your Way Calmly Towards The Brexit

Posted by Fiona Horton on Jan 31, 2019 4:54:35 PM
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Make your way calmly toward the Brexit


How did March 2019 creep up so fast? It’s a mere two months away and we still don’t know if we’re leaving the EU with a deal or not.


The government was in such a flap to prove the viability of a no-deal Brexit that it ran 87 trucks across the southeast English countryside to test the possible effects of leaving under such conditions, last week. And we’ve been told this week thousands of troops are on standby in case there’s No Deal. Hmm. Which begs the question, if the very people behind Brexit are at panic stations, shouldn’t you be, too?


Well, not quite. And I am firmly of the belief that we should do as the motivational 1930s British slogan tells us, when it comes to all things Brexit: ‘keep calm and carry on.’

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That doesn’t mean we don’t need to worry – that’s something we Brits are very good at, concealing our panic under a wave of stiff-lipped worry. And I would recommend to all medium-to-large enterprises that they batten down the hatches, as it were, and ensure that they’re fully prepared if and when the worst does happen and they’re suddenly faced with a situation whereby:


Vast swathes of migrant workers from the EU suddenly leave your employment

You find yourself with pockets of vacancies that were once not too bad to fill but are now problem roles for you

You can ill afford to have British nationals leaving your employment based on the idea that they’d rather work elsewhere, considering your EU migrant losses

The value of the pound drops below that of the Euro and you suddenly need your employer marketing/recruitment expenditure to have that much more bang for its buck

Your competitors have all readied themselves by engaging in an effective employer branding exercise and ensuring that their respective reputations as employers is unbreakably positive


Because, well, that all sounds a bit scary doesn’t it? It actually sounds maybe inevitabl. Even then, though there’s no point in panicking. Panic never delivers a long-term solution – it just means that you end up spending your time and budget on unnecessary things that don’t impact well on your wider strategy. Just prepare yourself and take out some insurance in the form of a cost-effective Employer Brand to rival that of your fiercest competitor.


Employer branding is the opposite of panicking. In the run-up to Brexit and far beyond, it will ensure that your reputation as an employer is consistently positive, no matter who is talking about you. Meaning that you stand a much better chance of British-born workers (and those EU migrants who do decide to stay) applying to you first, rather than your competitors. And, once they’re inducted into the business, being glad that they did – and staying with you to develop.


Delivered properly and with depth of research behind it, an Employer Brand will serve your business for a goodly while. The way it’s executed might be refreshed once every few years – based on the things you need to do to tailor the public’s current vision of you as an employer. But its essence will always remain the same: it will present to the world the very best version of your company’s personality and offering as an employer.


Priceless investment, really, and not at all expensive. One of the few Brexit-related solutions you can say that about.

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