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Posted by Steve Johnson on Apr 1, 2019 1:20:50 PM
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It’s something that I’ve pondered a good number of times over the past few years. But don’t you think it’s strange that most people still refer to their Samsung, iPhone or whatever as a Mobile Phone? Don’t get me wrong – back when I had my Nokia 8210 (showing my age here!), that was a mobile phone – I could make and take calls and send and receive text messages. Oh, and play Snake. Snake was ace! But that was it. Now though they are literally dozens of appliances in one. You’ve probably seen the photos above before, showing all the different gadgets from the 90s that are now on a mobile phone – the crazy thing is, this meme is from way back in 2013, and mobile technology has increased even further in the past six years.

I have the Huawei P20 Pro, which I absolutely love, but apart from a few clients and media contacts that call me on my mobile, I hardly ever use it as a phone. Instead, I use it to communicate with friends, family and colleagues on WhatsApp, send and receive emails, read news and sport, rock out to some classic metal on Spotify, browse my social media accounts and embrace my inner David Bailey with the Leica camera. I’m even trying to learn Spanish on it.

Now, you may ask why I’m going on about this. The reason is, over 92% of the UK population now own a smartphone, and these devices can give us an absolute plethora of information about the user, including where they live and work, what network they’re on, what handset they have, what their search behaviour is, what apps they have download and much more. It’s scary stuff! And, what this means to us at Sparks and Jupiter, is that we can use this information to run extremely targeted, cost effective campaigns for our clients.

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We can run mobile display campaigns that serve display ads to a relevant audience when they are browsing the internet or on apps. We can deliver push notifications directly to the home screens of a highly targeted, relevant audience. We can even go one step further, and ‘geo-fence’ locations such as competitor premises, jobs fairs etc. We can overlay this with behavioural and demographic targeting to create a highly targeted audience, and then drop a cookie on the target audience’s handsets enabling us to deliver mobile display adverts to them at a later time.

And this is just the simple stuff. We can run interactive, rich media campaigns on mobile, videos, in-game adverts, ‘News Frame’ ads, beacon marketing and more. We can even run multi-media campaigns across mobile and out of home media or press advertising using NFC (Near Field Communication) technology or Augmented Reality.


We have strong relationships with multiple mobile marketing media companies, and have been running mobile campaigns for nearly a decade, for clients across a variety of sectors, including O2, Nestlé, Clarks, wagamama, Marston’s, Matalan and more. If you think that you would benefit from our expertise in this field and would be interested in reaching your target audience on their mobile… device please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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