Interview: Hannah Litt - Resourcing Manager (Motorpoint)

Posted by Tony Hall-Turner on Apr 30, 2019 4:39:16 PM
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Jupiter: What are the biggest challenges facing your industry at the moment?

Being honest, there is a real skill shortage in certain key areas of our recruitment, particularly the more technical roles. We have to build a talent pipeline months in advance around key areas such as PDI technicians that are essential to the business. There is a real stigma around the motor industry, particularly in sales, which acts as a huge stumbling block when it comes to recruitment.

How do you combat this?
Simple. We really put our culture at the forefront of our messaging. One of our biggest problems is people really don’t know who we are, however, we like to think of ourselves as one of the best kept secrets in the UK within the motor industry. We have a fantastic culture where everyone is always happy and supportive around one another and feedback is genuinely taken on board by the HR team. Changes are implemented to meet the feedback as often as we can do. Not all businesses are like this, but the consensus is that our employees are as important as our customers.

Another thing we have done recently within the HR team is really try to push the boundaries with our interviewing. For example, recently we put on an escape room assessment day where the potential recruits had to solve a number of puzzles assessing their teamwork and problem solving skills.

How do you feel your role is evolving?
It is definitely becoming more of a marketing role. For example at degree level I studied Marketing and PR. The truth of the matter is that candidates are no longer selling themselves to the business, but the business has to sell itself to the candidates. My position was particularly exciting as it is a new role for the business. It’s challenging getting the managers to consider all the work we're doing to ensure they are carrying the supportive culture we want to further implement and enhance. We also champion playing an active role within the community and are looking at less traditional candidate pools such as ex offenders, supported internships etc. Motorpoint is really proud to do this and we feel that by doing so we are playing an active part in changing the perception around car dealerships.

What makes Motorpoint a special place to work?
Now this is going to sound really soppy, but the culture is genuinely unparalleled from any business that I and a number of my colleagues have worked for in the past. When I or any of the team walk on site, everyone is always happy to see you. Every site now knows that I love a hot chocolate with marshmallows and there is always one waiting for me when I arrive. When we did the Burnley photoshoot earlier in 2018, it was my first time to that site and they had bought me a little present, which was so lovely. There is genuinely no blame culture and there is a politeness and respect between everybody, from the yard-hands all the way up to the CEO.

And of course there is an incredibly charitable spirit about working for Motorpoint. There is always a number of fundraisers going on and Motorpoint always encourages this. For example, this weekend one of our colleagues Kevin Wilding completed the three peaks challenge for the mental health charity MIND. Also, we are all currently raising money for our colleague Jason Brown’s new wheelchair with a football match at Peterborough United’s stadium. Motorpoint as a business has promised to match £4,000 raised to meet the £8,000 total that Jason needs. This sense of community and support is just unbelievable and makes me so proud to work here.

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Finally, bit of a vain one, what do you enjoy about working with Jupiter?
Anything other than working with you! (Dean). No in all seriousness, I feel as though Jupiter understands Motorpoint as a business, that you’ve taken real time to get to know us and that shows through all of the work you’ve done. You come to us with lots of great ideas and I think that is a sign of true partnership. Jupiter for me really is just an extension of Motorpoint!






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