Interview: Ellie Long - Early Careers Talent Manager at E.ON

Posted by Dean Tranter on Feb 4, 2019 4:39:06 PM
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Since we started, what do you think the biggest challenges have been of the Graduate Recruitment campaign?

Well the short time frame wasn’t helpful was it! (Roaring laughter) On a wider level, the Graduate Recruitment market is vastly populated and you have a responsibility to make yourself stand out and we at E.ON have spent time and energy in crafting our offering, why we are different and why we stand out against the landscape. Even when we have received applications of a superb quality, there is then a battle to keep the candidates warm and engaged with E.ON, because it is incredibly unlikely that we are the only company they are considering.

At E.ON, it costs the business to put assessment centres on as part of the interview process, so it’s a huge responsibility for me and the team to ensure the candidates we invite are completely engaged, well bought in and actually turn up!

How do you go about keeping warm between offer and Day one?

A number of ways really! We have a Facebook page where they can login and talk to their fellow new starters and start to develop those relationships that are going to be crucial to their career. We also have a community day in June where there are activities to help the graduates socialise. They also will have lunch with their scheme lead on this day and then between then and their first official day as an E.ON employee, they get peppered with emails from me! It’s a very difficult one to manage because a lot of people do like to go travelling between University and working, so we have to accommodate things that fit into different people’s schedule.

What has been the most rewarding part of our campaign with E.ON?

Seeing the initial storyboards from the Graduate Recruitment video and watching the video come to life was pretty amazing. Then, it was even more amazing to see the thousands and thousands of people that had seen the video. We were then inundated with not just an exceptional amount of applications, but an exceptional amount of QUALITY candidates, far too many to make offers to them all. It was an incredible turnaround given the time frame.

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The best day within the process?

I’d definitely say that one of the best days was the filming day in the studio. We were doing something completely different and I don’t think we’ve ever done anything like that. It was incredibly creative, using our own graduates, and really felt as though we were doing something amazing and very different to attract candidates this time around. As well, the film crew involved were so committed to ensuring Nick’s (Creative Director at Jupiter Advertising) vision came to life and delivering an incredible campaign. The result was better than I ever could have imagined!

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What qualities do you have to possess to be good at your job?

I have a real passion for helping young people at the start of their career. You’re clearly really helping people at what I would argue is the most crucial stage of their development. Also, from a selfish perspective, when you see an undergraduate coming through the scheme and then coming back to us as a graduate, it is incredibly rewarding and shows we are doing something very right! I love the fast paced nature of the work, there is a constant cycle and you are constantly working at different stages of that cycle and adapting to situations. It really is a role where you can be very flexible and bring whatever qualities you feel you are particularly important to the table for your team. The recruitment campaign element is definitely up there as one of my favourite parts of this job, working out how all the different pieces of the campaign fit together. As well, I am also involved in a number of undergraduate advisory boards, making sure candidates are getting professional and personal development and making sure they are developing the correct skills before they join us. 

Who has had the biggest influence on you and the way you go about your work?

That’s such a hard question. It’s going to be hard to answer without sounding really cheesy! I’ve got an E.ON person and an outside of E.ON person. Firstly my Headteacher from my sixth form. I wasn’t necessarily the most academic person. When I was in sixth form the head-teacher took a bit of a chance of me and made me deputy head girl. I suppose you could say I was a bit of a rogue teenager and that investment of faith really gave me the feeling that I could go on and achieve something great professionally with my strengths and skills. In E.on, I’ve got a mentor who doesn’t work within HR. She (Sarah Farmer, Head of Customer Solutions) started off as an Engineer within a completely male dominated environment and had to champion her way through that and is now a very senior manager within the commercial side of the business. She is an avid champion of women who work hard but have the balance between work and life with her family. For me, Sarah has done such a great job of working out what drives me and has opened up the possibilities to making a huge impact to E.ON like she has.

Quite a vain question on the part of myself and the company, but what have you enjoyed about working with Jupiter?

Ermmmm brilliant! We’ve been going through a restructure and what my work might look like in the future and I’ve been saying “please don’t take my Jupiter stuff away from me! I love doing the creative work and working with the team.” What you see is what you get with me, I like people who are straight forward and you’ve been terrific on a personal and working level. It’s been brilliant, you’re all such down to the earth people and you get the job done and it’s always been a super job done also. So yes, brilliant really!


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