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Posted by Tony Hall-Turner on Mar 14, 2019 1:22:23 PM
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Brief: Virgin Trains were looking to recruit 78 trainee train drivers to drive their new fleet of Azuma trains that were being launched in 2018. Candidates needed to be 21 or over and live within an hour of Edinburgh, Newcastle, Leeds, Doncaster or London, but they didn’t need prior experience. The 78 successful applicants would be starting a year-long training programme in January 2017, prior to the launch of the new Azuma trains the following year. Due to extremely tight time constraints, we only had 1 working day to pull the campaign proposal together. The campaign went live within a week of us being briefed on it, and applicants only had 2 weeks in which to apply for the roles.


The results of this 2-week campaign were tremendous. From the media that we could directly track, we received the following:

  • Radio campaign: 794 text message responses
  • Facebook campaign: 1,221 clicks to campaign landing site
  • Reed listings & email: 3,302 CVs & covering letters sent

Including the above and also people who applied directly from being exposed to the advertising, the total number of applications was in excess of 15,000 – from 2 weeks of activity! The campaign was such a success that it received news coverage from local news media and even Bloomberg and the BBC.

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