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Posted by Tony Hall-Turner on Mar 14, 2019 1:23:27 PM
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Brief: To target Band 5 and 6 Nurses in and around South Staffordshire and Shropshire. External audience perceptions posited Mental Health Nursing as the ‘poor cousin’ of Nursing. Pockets of audience also perceived potential dangers of working with prisoners and people experiencing delusional behaviours (i.e. they may experience physical harm). We had to address these issues, and the many positives in order to hire the right people to these roles.

Healthcare case study 2019



  • Costs per hire of £2k per hired nurse was the target for this campaign, and we managed to reduce that down to circa £1,700. That’s not including people still in the pipeline as a direct result of this this campaign. But is including our creative costs, media and VAT.
  • £ 50,000 budget (including VAT)
  • Circa 28 hired (including outstanding offers)
  • Circa 18 more in the recruitment pipeline as a direct result of this campaign

This £41k (+ VAT) campaign has resulted in the hire of 46 extremely hard to recruit nurses at £869.57 per hire.


Check out our video or click the link below to download the full case study 


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