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Posted by Tony Hall-Turner on Mar 14, 2019 1:35:19 PM
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Brief: O2 opened 2 'Stores of the Future' in Manchester and London at the end of 2015. These stores are flagship venues for O2, a chance to showcase their brand and products and engage with customers in a more innovative and creative way. We were tasked to attract candidates who were performers, people who want to go the extra mile and who aren’t afraid of trying new things and putting themselves out there. We needed to reach out to people  with outstanding talent who perhaps haven’t yet found their ‘stage’, people with the right outlook and personality type rather than seasoned retailers. They needed people who could be edgy and experimental, people who embrace new ideas and are the early adopters of the latest cool thing - gadgets, music, art, technology, fashion.


The campaign drove hundreds of applicants through to open days in London and Manchester, feedback from the client and the assessment company they used was that the calibre of the attendees was, on the whole, fantastic. Both stores are now open, with a full complement of staff that are perfectly fit for the job! With regards to trackable media, the Google Display Network activity was the best performing out of all of the media we advertised on. O2’s Google Analytics showed that they received 6,946 sessions from GDN at a cost of 45p per session. Facebook was the next best performing media from a Cost Per Session standpoint – delivering 995 sessions at a cost of 89p per session and the mobile snapshot campaign delivered the 2nd most sessions behind the GDN with 4,512 sessions at a cost per session of £1.20.


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