Breaking out of the box

Posted by Doug Elliott on Feb 25, 2019 11:54:01 AM
Doug Elliott
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Resourcing departments can have a tough gig.


Inflexible briefs from line managers. A disregard for realistic timescales. The rather bothersome fact that (shock, horror!) candidates can, and do, think for themselves. All these elements are topped off with little sympathy, a constant pressure to perform and, of course, meagre budgets compared to other departments.


So anything we can do to lessen the load, and take off some of that pressure, is usually super appreciated by our clients.


Let’s look at a prime example that happened a few weeks back. A colleague was scanning through a trade journal and chanced upon a half page advert for a recruitment day. She knew instantly that the company advertising was a direct competitor of one of our clients, and what’s more that they’d have spent considerable time and money attracting a very niche type of candidate profile to this event.


We looked more closely at the advert, and wondered if there was any way that we could benefit from their hard work. They provided the address, time and date of the recruitment event on a plate. We contacted one of our media suppliers (specialists in doing some very clever things with mobile phones) and explained that we wanted to benefit from the people attending a competitor’s event.


Turns out, our supplier was able to ring-fence the building during the hours of the event and capture the mobile phone details of everyone not usually in that building. This would allow us to re-target the attendees with banner advertising from our client over the following weeks.


The cost of doing this? A few hundred pounds. I’d hate to think how many thousands the competitor had poured into putting together ‘our’ event.          

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