6 ways to make your Employer Brand attract Tech Talent

Posted by Fiona Horton on May 20, 2019 2:03:03 PM
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There are so many clients and prospects we talk to on a daily basis, who are all struggling to recruit the very best Tech Talent. And it’s not surprising to see why. A report last week (May 2019) said we now have the lowest unemployment in 40 years. It dropped by 65,000 in the first quarter - the most in more than two years. So it’s easy to see that especially in the Tech sector, demand outstrips supply and Candidate Attraction has never been tougher. So what can you do to make sure you don’t have a shortage? Here are 6 things to put into practice to help you stay ahead of everyone else.


  1. Make yourself irresistible

Sounds easy enough to do right? But you really need to market yourself quite aggressively to this market. You need to swoon them and make them want to up sticks straight away to join you. But how do you do that with limited budgets? Well firstly reallocate that agency spend to marketing this irresistible you to them. But how?


  1. Talk to them in the right way

That doesn’t just mean on your careers website (though that’s arguably the most important one as it’s your shop window). It means every way you talk to these people. Social media, hackathons, forums. Your tone of voice is massively important. Come across as stuffy and they’ll likely run a mile. You need to talk in their language. Everywhere. All the time. And talk about things that interest them. There’s not a one size fits all especially for Tech. How about separate landing pages for all the different disciplines. Or even a microsite. They need to feel special. Make sure they do. Whatever you do, make sure everything is mobile optimised!

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  1. Tell the truth

Don’t sugar coat. Tell it how it is. Don’t oversell yourself or the cycle will be a revolving doors. Be honest about your weaknesses. You garner more respect. This shouldn’t be a sales pitch but an honest view of you the employer. So be positive yet realistic. A great way to do this is through videos of your employees. Let them ‘Culture Mirror’ you. It’s way better than a corporate video trying too hard to sell you.

Not sure what 'culture mirroring is? Click Here  


  1. Look what Glassdoor reviews say about you

If they’re predominantly negative you really need to naval gaze about the authenticity of your Employer Brand as clearly your ex and current employees disagree with you. So talk to them. Find out what it’s really like to work there. And if you need to – start over with your Employer Brand.


  1. Talk to the sector and find out what they’re interested in

A classic mistake employers make is to presume and assume what the target audience is interested in. Don’t do this. Find out. From the horse’s mouth. We ran a campaign for Sainsbury’s to recruit 450 IT peeps that revealed the majority of the target audience was into retro gaming. So the whole campaign revolved around Space Invaders. And guess what? Every one of those roles was filled.

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  1. What’s your USP? Tell a story

What makes you different to everyone else? There will be something? You just need to find out what. Is it the projects they’ll be working on? The careers acceleration? The latest tech they’ll be developing? Amazing work life balance? A specialist hub? You need to differentiate yourself. You need to make yourself irresistible. Once you’ve done this you’re halfway there.

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Some of these principles can be applied to virtually any role within your company and how to treat your overall Employer Brand. But with the war for talent within the Tech sector particularly tough – these should help ease your pain within this most difficult market.


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