5 ways to make your careers site sing

Posted by Fiona Horton on Jun 14, 2019 4:22:05 PM
Fiona Horton
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1. Personalise

This site we built for Starbucks takes personalisation and puts bells on it:

https://www.starbucksemeacareers.com/en You just can’t get more personalised than this. And it harmonises perfectly with the in store experience. But the site talks to you, and only you, for the entire journey. This is what you should be aiming for. Total personalisation to really engage, captivate and inspire your audience. Give people a reason to stay on your site, explore it and engage with you. A sterile, corporate jargon filled site will not do this.

2. Easy to access info

As a consumer there’s nothing more frustrating than having to wade through a website to find what you want. The same is true for candidates. They don’t want to have to do more than a couple of clicks to find the info they’re looking for. So make it easy for them. If you don’t – they’ll simply leave and may never come back. Check your bounce rate. How high is it? This is a primary indicator. Finding out about you from your shop window (website) should be a pleasure not a chore.

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3. Mobile optimised

With over 87% of people looking for a new job or careers via mobile this is a must have. Don’t make your swanky careers site fall at this important hurdle. Try it out on different devices and make sure everything is working as it should. Simple eh. But you’d be surprised how many sites aren’t mobile optimised. Your current desktop site should mirror as closely as it can the mobile experience. But make sure any video on the site doesn’t autoplay as it could upset people by gobbling up their data usage.

4. Designed for the candidate

Don’t let Marketing or even the HRD dictate how the site should flow unless you’re absolutely certain this marries with how a candidate would engage with a site. Make it all about them. Not internal stakeholders. And you won’t go far wrong. Ask friends to try out the BETA site and suggest changes to make it a better user experience. Don’t ask Hiring Managers to do this.

5. Be authentic

Don’t be afraid to use your existing employees as the centrepiece of your site through video content. Video content is highly recommended and who better to sell you as a company than your best employees? Feature them on the Careers Website and even open chat functionality with them for candidates. You’ll be surprised what positive feedback you get for doing this from candidates. It makes you much more authentic. But let them speak freely – avoid head and shoulders talking heads from a script. Why not let them film themselves on their phones and upload that? Cost effective and believable.

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