5 ways to improve your candidate journey

Posted by Doug Elliott on Apr 2, 2019 1:27:31 PM
Doug Elliott
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Nearly everything has become easier, faster and more transparent. We live in the day of the one click purchase. Swipe right. And phone face/fingerprint scanners that say 'I’m too busy to type my password'.


So, what's my point?

Well, everyone has become used to these quick, painless processes. So recruiters should look long and hard at their candidate journey and ask the honest question; is it up to scratch compared to other online transactions? If you spend time on your platforms day in day out, it can be tricky to see the wood for the trees so I’d recommend getting a second opinion!


Here are five tips to improve your process...


  1. How easy is it to find your career site? Think about the search terms a candidate would use on Google (rather than the ones you know are guaranteed to bring you to the right place!). How well do you rank on Google? Does your corporate or consumer site appear first, and if so, how easy is it to find the link to the career section?


  1. Take a fresh look at your online application process. Better yet, ask someone with fresh eyes to complete the process and critique the rub points. Is the journey clear, informative and logical? Keep in mind how easy online journeys are for everything else we do in everyday life. If your candidate process isn’t slick, your applications will suffer. There’s always a balance to be struck on the number of questions. Just be mindful that the employers with the fewest aborted applications are those with the shortest applications.


  1. How quickly do you respond to applications? In a recent survey conducted by Reed.co.uk, over 70% of candidates said they expected to hear back within one week of completing an application. Can you say that you meet this expectation? Remember, candidates are potentially also customers so you should always treat them with the same courtesy and respect. This is especially true with large consumer brands; a poor recruitment experience can and will have a measurable impact on your bottom line!

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  1. Is your on-boarding strategy up to scratch? Often, a recruiters ‘ownership’ of a candidate ends when they accept a role. But so much can happen between then and day one! Creeping doubt and cold feet can set in. Counter offers are likely. Not to mention your candidate was probably speaking to other employers that may be still make them other offers! Recruiters need to nurture a relationship with new joiners to their business. If you don’t, you can rest assured someone else will be trying!

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