5 reasons why working in Employer Marketing beats Consumer Advertising

Posted by Fiona Horton on Jan 7, 2019 4:47:36 PM
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I’ve worked in Employer Marketing for 25 years now. And, for every one of those years, I’ve heard someone say about it something along the lines of, ‘It’s the poor cousin of Consumer Advertising.’ Which is baffling because in all this time, I’ve never actually met anyone who actually does see it that way. In fact, I (and most of my peers) would say the opposite is true.


Here are 5 good reasons why you should be bursting with pride to work within the Employer Marketing space:


1. You get to work with bigger clients


The biggest names in Consumer Advertising go to the biggest agencies. WPP, Omnicon, Publicis, Interpublic, Dentsu. If you work for a boutique consumer agency, don’t expect to be working with household names on big budget projects every day. Expect to be working for start-up tech companies at best or your local car showroom or no win, no fee solicitors firm at worst. Nothing wrong with that of course. But Employer Marketing gives you much more scope to work with world-renowned clients. Just look at Jupiter. We’re a boutique agency but we’re working with Starbucks, Pizza Hut Restaurants, E.ON, wagamama, McCain… Names that make your CV really pop. And the projects we’re involved in include things like highly conceptual video projects that will be programmatically served to SKY TV viewers all over the UK – seriously exciting stuff. Work to be proud of!


2. You get to be more creative


If you want to churn out functional designs, pushing the hard sell of kitchens, bathrooms, furniture and other household goods, get a job in Direct Marketing. Sure, it’s easy and you’ll earn a decent living. But, if you’re bubbling with ideas then you’re better off in Employer Marketing.

We’ve wrapped an entire tram in Space Invaders for Sainsbury’s and made a high spec CGI commercial for E.ON that sets Graduate recruits into a fantastical land of the giants.


3. You get a bigger portfolio, faster


If you’re lucky enough to get to work on a big budget Consumer Advertising project, expect it to take a good six months from brief to launch. Or longer. You could end up working for an agency for five years and leave with few more than ten pieces of work in your portfolio or on your CV. Employer Marketing is a blur of activity by comparison. Expect to be turning around campaign concepts in a day, presenting them the next day and getting to work on making them happen the day after that. Our hugely successful and incredibly high end E.ON Graduates campaign took exactly one month to develop from brief to campaign launch. We worked like wildfire to get it done and, guess what – the quality was amazing. And we were working on equally demanding projects simultaneously without breaking a sweat.

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4. You get to see the results


On the whole (and with the exception of programmatic), Consumer Advertising is like letting go of a helium balloon in Manchester and hoping it ends up in Paris. You just never know whether it’s going to do what you want it to. Because, even if the products are a huge success and with the best will in the world, how can you reliably trace back the desire to buy to the moment the consumer saw your billboard on the flyover on their way to work? Employer Marketing is different, because it’s not just the content marketing and programmatic stuff that drives traffic – it’s pretty much all direct response. So, when your work doesn’t perform well, you know what you have to do next time to make a success of it.


5. You get to change people’s lives for the better

This is the big important one. Consumer Advertising is all about getting people to buy more stuff. Employer Marketing, by contrast, is about letting people who might be struggling to find work know that there’s a role out there for them. So they can feed and clothe their families, improve their lives, maybe even pay for the first holiday they’ve managed to afford in years. It doesn’t get more rewarding than that.


So hold your head up high. You’re part of one of the most amazing sectors around. You deserve to feel great about it.

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