20 years in Recruitment Communications. And what I think the future holds.

Posted by Tony Hall-Turner on Feb 19, 2019 12:47:24 PM
Tony Hall-Turner
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Having been in media for some time now, I've wondered where the years have gone. How times have changed in advertising.

Years ago, it was mainly press adverts, lots of newspapers across the country. I knew the majority of the locations and the paper that was relevant to cover them - OMG how sad am I. Then there was the booking and copy deadlines. If you missed these it meant you had to wait until the following week to place the advert. Same thing when advertising in any of the monthly publications. Chatting and negotiating with the media was good fun and the chance of a deal had a bit of a buzz to it, I can tell you some bloody good deals were made over the years.  

Occasionally, clients would request a voucher copy ( usually two copies of the press advert sent into the office, so the client could check if the advert had appeared correctly). The amount of papers we had in the office was unbelievable. How many trees did we go through? I lost count after a few million.

Press was the main source in recruitment years ago but times have changed and new technology has been introduced. Don’t forget press is still being used, but not like it used to be.

As well as the press adverts there were different advertising tools, outdoor advertising, radio, web and social media, this has all worked well over the years with many roles/campaigns attracting the right candidates. Today nearly everyone has access to platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google, Adwords and mobile phones when searching for their next job.

So I suppose it's fair to say that these days, there's nothing quite like online advertising for a quick fix, I mean advert. All you do is pick the day you want the role to be advertised and the majority of roles can be uploaded and live on the same day.

New call-to-action

Is change for the best? Well it’s a case of it had to change. Because of the way we use technology and the amount of content we consume via social media and messaging apps, it's huge. So I would say so.

The big question is, what the future holds for advertising?I know Peter Kay predicted it would be garlic bread and Kaiser chiefs said it would be a riot but I can tell you now they were both wrong. It’s programmatic. If you’re not familiar with this it’s a scary but straightforward concept. Have you ever thought about buying something only to discover adverts for it follow you around the internet? That’s programmatic.

 Gone are the days when I’d call a newspaper and place an advert that the world could see in the hope someone suitable would be catch a glimpse. These days I speak to a twenty-two year old who uses words like ‘segmentation’ and profile mirroring’. 

I tell them the sort of people we’re looking to promote to and they then make sure your advert appears on the correct browser based on criteria like their age, spending habits and online behaviour. They can even make sure the advert appears at points in the day when they are most likely to respond. Imagine being hit with an advert about a new job, closer to home while you’re stood on a rainy train platform. That’s all possible now.

Scary right! Big Brother really is watching you.

Anyway, Like the saying goes ‘You are never too old to start learning’ – here’s to the future. Who knows what’s coming next!!!!

If you’re interested to know more about programmatic or perhaps some of the other emerging technologies that we can now use to help you target the right people then get in touch.


Author Credit: Marie Sloane - Jupiter Advertising 

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